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W3C RDF and OWL Events

RDF and OWL are two important Semantic Web technologies.Semantic Web is a framework for asset management, enterprise consolidation and the sharing and reuse of network data.

W3C Soap event

SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol that enables applications to exchange information over HTTP. Or simply put: SOAP is the communication protocol between Web Services based on XML.

W3C DOM Activities

Document Object Model (DOM) is a platform, a language-neutral application programming interface (API) that allows programs to access and change the content, structure, and style of a document.

W3C XQuery activities

XQuery is a language for extracting data from XML documents. XQuery language support for extracting data from the XML document query tool.

W3C XML Schema activities

XML Schema is an XML based DTD alternative.XML 1.0 supports DTDs that define the structure of documents.XML Schema has better support for applications, document structures, properties, and data types.

W3C XSL activities

The W3C started developing XSL because of the need to have an XML-based style sheet language. The XSL language consists of three parts: XSLT, XPath, and XSL formatted objects.

W3C CSS Activities

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Describes how documents are displayed.As a W3C recommendation, CSS1 was released on December 17, 1996. January 11, 1999, this recommendation was revised.

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