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UDDI is a directory service that organizations can use to register and search Web services. UDDI, English as "Universal Description, Discovery and Integration", can be translated as "Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Services."

WSDL port

The element is the most important WSDL element. The element is the most important WSDL element.It describes a web service, operations that can be performed, and related messages.

WSDL document

The WSDL document is just a simple XML document. It contains a series of definitions that describe a web service. WSDL document is to use these main elements to describe a web service.

WSDL tutorial

WSDL (Web Services Description Language) is an XML-based language used to describe Web Services and how to access them.

Web Services Profile

This tutorial has shown you how to convert an application to a web application. You have learned how to use XML to send messages between applications.

Web Service instance

Any application can have a Web Service component. The creation of Web Services has nothing to do with the kind of programming language.

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