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Why use Web Services?

A few years ago, the speed of Web services was not nearly as fast as people were interested. The most important thing is to work together Because all major platforms have web browser access to the web, different platforms can interact with each other.

Web Services Tutorial

By using Web Services, your application can publish information to the world, or provide a feature. Web Services scripting platform to support XML + HTTP.

W3C RDF and OWL Events

RDF and OWL are two important Semantic Web technologies.Semantic Web is a framework for asset management, enterprise consolidation and the sharing and reuse of network data.

W3C Soap event

SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol that enables applications to exchange information over HTTP. Or simply put: SOAP is the communication protocol between Web Services based on XML.

W3C DOM Activities

Document Object Model (DOM) is a platform, a language-neutral application programming interface (API) that allows programs to access and change the content, structure, and style of a document.

W3C XQuery activities

XQuery is a language for extracting data from XML documents. XQuery language support for extracting data from the XML document query tool.

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