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SEO tricks for Links

31 January 2017

The system of documents interconnected all over the web through links. The hyperlinks are the major components for an effective SEO optimization.

Htaccess leverage browser caching

28 January 2017

We can specify the browsers, how long time to keep css ,JS and images stored locally using the .htaccess file i.e( leverage browser caching of static assets).

How to improve website speed and Search Ranking?

22 January 2017

To measure the load time of our website, we need a good website testing tools. My choice is a pingdom website tool i.e (website speed optimization), it will analyze the site and gives a report about the general performance.

SEO-Search engine optimization

25 December 2016

Search engine optimization is a process to improve their site with both users and search engines in order to increase the website traffic receives from Organic search.

Same google adsense ad code on same page(placing google ads)

14 October 2016

You can place the same google adsense code multiple times on a web page. The reason goes for different ad code is size. To place google ads which size is suitable for the page you want to track and position in your page to get maximum clicks.

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