Introduction to the .NET Framework

Introduction to the .NET Framework, someone asked me to explain?

components of .net framework1, Net Framework c # and .net relations are the content  master C #. It is a development platform provided by Microsoft version: VS2008 3.5, VS2010 4.0, vs2012 2013 2015 2017 .

2, .net is a development platform provided by Microsoft 
VS2008 3.5 
VS2010 4.0 
vs2012 2013 2015 2017 

3, .net basic components of the common language runtime seen Is a runtime management code proxy for managing memory, thread execution, code execution, code security validation, compilation, and other services. The net framwork class library is a comprehensive set of object-oriented reusable types that can be used to develop a variety of Programs such as:
command line, form, web. 
4, C# and .net relationship  
C# is one of a variety of development languages ​​in the .net platform, is an object-oriented language 
5, the class in the namespace C# is used Namespaces for organizing namespaces provide a way to logically organize classes, preventing naming conflicts, specifying which namespace a class comes from : 
1. The type in the namespace becomes member 
2. A source file can contain multiple namespaces 
using name: 3, reflection namespace syntax 
elements namespace name: 
1, can name any valid character 
2, life Space contains dot notation for the namespace stratified, such as: test.dao
3, do not get the same name of the namespace and the name of the class: 
namespace namespace name { 

namespace namespace 2 { 

1, usually the root name of a project is: project name 
2, the project is newly created Folder, the default namespace of the class below the folder is: project name. folder name 
3. To use the class in the namespace, you need to introduce the namespace first or write the full name (namespace. class name)

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