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HTTP request method

According to the HTTP standard, HTTP requests can use a variety of request methods. HTTP1.0 defines three request methods: GET, POST, and HEAD methods. HTTP1.1 added five new request methods: OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, and CONNECT methods.

HTTP message structure

HTTP is a stateless request / response protocol based on a client / server (C / S) architecture model that exchanges information over a reliable link.

HTTP Introduction

The HTTP protocol is an abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and is a transfer protocol for transferring hypertexts from a World Wide Web server to a local browser. .

HTTP tutorial

The HTTP protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the most widely used network transport protocol on the Internet. All WWW files must comply with this standard.

TCP / IP mail

E-mail is one of the most important applications of TCP / IP. You do not use TCP / IP when you write mail. When you write mail, you use e-mail programs, such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Corp. Outlook, or Netscape Communicator and so on.

TCP / IP protocol

TCP / IP is a large collection of different communication protocols.TCP / IP is a large collection of different communication protocols based on the two original protocols of TCP and IP.

TCP / IP introduction

TCP / IP is a communication protocol used for the Internet. Computer communication protocols are a description of the rules that computers must follow to communicate with each other.

TCP / IP tutorial

TCP / IP is the Internet's communication protocol. The TCP / IP communication protocol is a description of the rules that computers must follow to comply with these rules before computers can communicate with each other.

Web Quality - Internationalization

All W3C standards (since 1996), including HTML, XHTML, and XML, define an internal character set called Unicode (ISO 10646). This character set is natively used by all modern web browsers. Most of the documents transmitted on the internet do not use this Unicode character set.

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