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How to create an unordered list by iterating an array?

24 May 2016

We are creating an unordered list using jQuery by iterating in an array and store it in a local variable by appending. Finally we have pushed in to the DOM using html property. This is the best way to fill the unordered list with element id without reflow.

How to create color animation effect on search button click in jquery?

23 May 2016

To attract the user with different smoothly animation effects using several css properties such as color, background color, border-color, and outline color for search box. It was achieved by jQuery’s animate() method let’s look at the example.

How to get href value property for anchor tag in jquery?

23 May 2016

In this article we will learn how to get href value property for anchor tag in jquery using attr() property. Below example when the user clicks the about link button alert will show the href property value.

How to pass javascript object to a c# controller in MVC?

22 May 2016

In this article we will discuss to pass multiple parameters from Ajax post call in MVC application. Before I have faced issues with jQuery ajax post call to a controller with multiple parameter due to syntax errors. Now I have found a way by passing JSON stringifyed Object to a [HttpPost] method.

How to fire an event after complete page load using jquery?

20 May 2016

I was in a situation want to load the page after the page contents are loaded I would like to call a function. This was achieved by using $(window).bind().Below example code I will show you how to implement.we should call it inside the $(document).ready() function.

How to trigger an event on pageload using buttonId in jquery?

20 May 2016

When I have bind html text in text editor on pageload but that time design is not working fine because of nbsp; after I removed. I need to load the page without clicking the button. Finally I found solution to trigger the button event in jquery using trigger method(). Below example just I will show you how to trigger the button event.