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Win7 time synchronization setting method

30 August 2018

When the win7 system has a problem (time is maliciously hacked by the virus), the time is abnormal. After solving the problem, you need to set the system time to synchronize with the Internet time server to ensure that the time is not skewed

How to view the iis version?

30 August 2018

Different versions of the Windows operating system, IIS version is also different (the operating system version is increased, IIS version is also increased), how to view their own IIS version?

What are the computer viruses?

29 August 2018

A computer virus is a small software program that can be run on a computer. It is also called a computer virus. It has the characteristics of strong communication and deliberately interferes with computer operation, destroying computer files and stealing user information.

Computer boot crash (hard disk, keyboard, graphics card, etc.)

29 August 2018

When the computer is turned on, it is usually caused by hardware. In other words, in the first case, you should find the reason from the hardware. The computer has several main components. How do you know that the computer is booting caused by that component?

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