What are the computer viruses?

What are the computer viruses?, someone asked me to explain?

what does a computer virus do

First, what is a computer virus?

  A computer virus is a small software program that can be run on a computer. It is also called a computer virus. It has the characteristics of strong communication and deliberately interferes with computer operation, destroying computer files and stealing user information.

  Second, what are the computer viruses?

  a) The same name as the Windows system process virus

  1, system.exe process virus, there may be netcontroller Trojan;

  2, lsass.exe process virus: may be Windang.worm, irc.ratsou.b, Webus.B, MyDoom.L, Randex.AR, Nimos.worm virus, or a variant thereof;

  3, winlogon.exe process virus: may be W32.Netsky.D, Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.ada, Troj / MADR-B virus;

  4, iexplorer.exe process virus: may be Trojan.KillAV.B, virus;

  5, explorer.exe process virus: may be Worm.Win32.VB.zbn, Win32: AutoRun-JW virus;

  6, svchost.exe process virus, there may be shock wave variant virus (w32.welchia.worm);

  7, services.exe process virus: there may be W32.Randex.R and Sober.P Trojan;

  8, csrss.exe process virus: may be WW32.Netsky.AB@mm, Win32.Ladex.a, W32.Webus Trojan virus;

  9, WmiPrvSE.exe process virus: may be W32/SillyFDC-AW, W32/Sonebot-B virus;

  10, taskmgr.exe process virus: may be Troj_backdoor.gz.mer (grey pigeon Trojan), Win32: AutoRun-JW virus;

  11, wininit.exe process virus, may be WOLLF.16 virus;

  12, smss.exe process virus: may be QQ tail, Trojan / PSW.MiFeng (bee thief) Trojan;

  13, spoolsv.exe process virus: there may be Backdoor.Ciadoor.B Trojan

  2) Destroying and influencing computer viruses

  1. Trojan/PSW.GamePass.jws (online thief);

  2, Melissa (Melissa virus);

  3, Melissa (Panda burning incense);

  4. Worm.Klez (cover letter);

  5, ILOVEYOU, also known as VBS/Loveletter and Love Bug worm (love bug virus);

  6, Sasser (sasser);

  7, Code red II (red code and red code II generation);

  8, SQL Slammer (sapphire virus);

  9, MyDoom (SCO bomb virus);

  10. Nimda (Nimda);

  11, Sobig (Big Mac);

  12. Worm.Sasser (Sasser);

  13, Worm.Netsky.b (cyber sky virus);

  14, Storm (storm worm);

  15. Blaster (shock wave);

  16. Worm.mydoom.a (Novig Locust);

  17. CIH virus (Chernobyl or Spacefiller);

  18. Leap-A/Oompa-A virus;

  c) Other computer viruses

  1, Trojan.QQ3344 (QQ message tail Trojan);

  2, VBS.Happytime (Happy Hour);

  3, Trojan.LMir.PSW.60 (online gaming Trojan);

  4, Binder.QQPass.QQBin (bundled QQ);

  5, killer command (Harm.Command.Killer);

  6, Dropper.Worm.Smibag (MSN shooter);

  7, Macro.Melissa (Beautiful Sharon virus);

  8, Js.Fortnight.cs (fourteen-page script virus);

  9, W32.Navadid (Christmas);

  10. Blebla.B (Romeo and Juliet);

  11, Binder.killsys (system killer);

  12, Harm.formatC.f (formatted C drive);

  13, Backdoor.IRCBot (IRC back door);

  14, MyDoom (SCO bomb virus);

  15. Dropper.BingHe2.2C (glacial sower);

  16, I-Worm.Badtrans (bad through the worm);

  17. I-Worm.MTX (network worm);

  18. VBS/VBSWG.j@MM (Kournikova);

  19. I-Worm.Magistr (Magis);

  20. Hybris (alias I-Worm.Hybris, TROJ_HYBRIS.A, W32/Hybris.gen.dll@M, Worm.Hybris W32/Hybris.gen@M, W32/Hybris.plugin@M);

  21. Aliz (Alice);

  22. Sircam (W32.Sircam.Worm@mm, W32/SirCam@mm, Backdoor.SirCam);

  23. VBS/VBSWG.j@MM (Kournikova);

  24, Homepage (home virus);

  25, rose.exe (Rose virus);

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