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How to decode HTML character code in c#?

5 August 2022

In this tutorial I will show you how to decode HTML characters in c#. Here, my string values contains HTML characters. But I need to convert to normal plain text.

Sql corresponds to the Asp.Net data type

29 August 2018

During the development of the program, when creating SQL stored procedure parameters, you need to find the corresponding SQL data type according to the defined ASP.NET data type; if you are not familiar with the "Sql and Asp.Net data type", you will need it. Their correspondence tables are listed in detail below.

The difference between web applications and web sites

27 August 2018

As the name implies, it is like an application, it can be accessed like a website, but once you change it, if you change a piece of logic, you have to recompile it to see the effect of the change when the website is accessed.

How to create login page in

9 January 2017

In this article I will show you how to create c# login page code with sql database. In this login form multiple user can login with the form, If the username and password matches with the database it allows user to login.

No type Libraries were found in the component

17 September 2016

When I tried to add Reference to c# web project by browsing the dll file I got the following error.It is due to missing feature.Net 4.5 framework support.

System.speech dll download

8 September 2016

Here you can download System.Speech.dll and reference it with an application.

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