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[Solved] Error executing child request for ChartImg.axd

2 May 2016

I am using 4.0 chart control while running the application I had faced this error “Error executing child request for ChartImg.axd.”. This problem was resolved by adding chatImageHandler in the webconfig.

[Solved] Unknown server tag ‘asp:Chart’

2 May 2016

While running the application I had faced error message Unknown server tag ‘asp:Chart’ . This problem was resolved by registering the assembly in design page of flowchart.aspx.

How to convert rgb value to html color in vb?

26 April 2016

FromArgb method. FromArgb method has to pass three overloaded parameter red, green and blue values. The ColorTranslator.ToHtml method returns the hexadecimal code for the color object. The textbox name as txtResult will result the hexadecimal code.

How to clear session in

19 April 2016

In this article I will explain how to clear session in with an example. If you want to remove the specific session then you can set it as null or “”.

How to read your xml file in

23 March 2016

In this Article, I explain how to read your xml data’s using dataset. Normally to Dataset contains Readxml property to read the xml file content. Here I am using this Readxml property to read a content from xml file.

How to bind Gridview using xml in

23 March 2016

This Article, I explain how to bind your Gridview using xml data’s. Here I am using Web application to achieve this. First you have to create one small web application with c# language.

How to use Write and Read in console?

19 March 2016

In this section, I explain how to use Write and Read Line in console Application. In WriteLine helps to display or print your message once you enter the message then press enter the message(name) will read by ReadLine

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