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How to convert http to https Godaddy?

15 November 2018

In this tutorial I will show you how to redirect http to https in Godaddy Plesk/Windows. If you added SSL secure certificated to your website. You need to redirect the visitors from http version to the secured version (HTTPS) to ensure their information is secured.

E-commerce website host

17 January 2018

If your company is selling a certain product or service, then e-commerce may be a good way to do business.

Web Hosting Types

17 January 2018

The types of website hosting are: free host, virtual (shared) host or exclusive host. Some service providers provide free web hosting. Free hosting for small low-traffic sites, such as personal websites.

Website database

17 January 2018

MS SQL Server or Oracle for high traffic database driven website. MySQL for low-cost database access. MS Access for low traffic sites.

Web Hosting Technology

17 January 2018

This section describes some of the most commonly used host technologies. The Windows host is a host service that runs on the Windows operating system.

Host e-mail access

17 January 2018

Hosting services should include some email accounts and email servers.

Web Hosting Performance

17 January 2018

First determine the amount of disk space and traffic you need.

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