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JavaScript Learning : Variables, Scope, and Memory

4 September 2018

Base types: Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number, and String. These types occupy a fixed amount of space in memory, and their values ​​are stored in the stack space, which we access by value.

Js gets the current domain name, Url, relative path and parameters

30 August 2018

Javascript can be used to obtain the current domain name, Url, relative path and parameters separately. The so-called separate attack, that is, the domain name does not include the path and parameters of the web page file, the parameters do not include the domain name and the web file path, which are respectively introduced below.

Show confirmation message before deleting record

26 August 2018

In this article I will show you how to implement JavaScript confirm delete yes no. When the user want to delete any record it will ask for the confirmation before operation will happen. To implement you have to set on button or action link onclick event.

How to disable the browser’s back button using JavaScript?

2 January 2018

In this tutorial I will show you how to disable the back button using JavaScript. We cannot disable the browser back button. Instead, we can prevent them with the help of JavaScript code.

Open and closed browser window using JavaScript

2 January 2018

In this tutorial I will show you how to open and close the browser window within a time interval.Here, I am closing the browser tab using the setTimeout by the JavaScript function and passing the two parameter function “closeWin” and time interval of 5 seconds.

How to set focus on the image of an HTML page?

2 March 2017

After cropping the image, the page scrolls to the top of the window. The new cropped image doesn’t get focused. Normally .focus() JavaScript method is applies to the form controls.

JavaScript Confirm submit button onClick

30 January 2017

The JavaScript confirmation dialog box is used to handle user’s agreement on any option.Here, I will show you how to use a JavaScript alert confirm, it prompts a dialog box with two buttons OK and Cancel.

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