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Introduction to the .NET Framework

31 August 2018

.Net Framework c # and .net relations are the content master C #. It is a development platform provided by Microsoft version: VS2008 3.5, VS2010 4.0, vs2012 2013 2015 2017 .

C# object-oriented

31 August 2018

Oriented process is to analyze the steps required to solve the problem, and then each step uses the function implementation, the function is called in turn, the C language object-oriented

C# method to determine whether the client disables cookies

30 August 2018

For security reasons, some clients disable cookies. When you want to use cookies to store some information (especially some critical information), you need to determine whether the customer has disabled cookies. How to judge?

C# dictionary Dictionary sorting (sequence, reverse order)

30 August 2018

After the introduction of Linq in C# .net 3.5 and above, dictionary dictionary sorting becomes very simple, and it can be done with a query similar to sql database; however, .net 2.0 sorting is a bit more troublesome, for ease of use, it will summarize .net 3.5 And the sorting method of 2.0.

3 methods and efficiency of converting C# to int

30 August 2018

There are three ways to convert other types into integers in C#, int.Parse(), cast (int), and Convert.ToInt32(). Let's explore their respective features and efficiencies.

Sql corresponds to the Asp.Net data type

29 August 2018

During the development of the program, when creating SQL stored procedure parameters, you need to find the corresponding SQL data type according to the defined ASP.NET data type; if you are not familiar with the "Sql and Asp.Net data type", you will need it. Their correspondence tables are listed in detail below.

Bootstrap Navbar Active Class to html.actionlink with MVC

28 August 2018

In this tutorial I will show you how to implement bootstrap menu active on navabar using MVC. Here I applied to my project. By default MVC project template was comes with bootstrap and styling for menu by default but functionality was not included.

The difference between web applications and web sites

27 August 2018

As the name implies, it is like an application, it can be accessed like a website, but once you change it, if you change a piece of logic, you have to recompile it to see the effect of the change when the website is accessed.

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