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What is an area in mvc?

26 October 2016

If Application contains a large number of controllers it is difficult to manage. The area simplifies large mvc web application in to smaller groupings.

How to use date plugin jQuery timeago example?

16 October 2016

In this example, I will show you how to implement timeago jQuery plugin in a MVC project. It makes easy automatically updating datetime like 5 minutes or 15 hours ago or 1 day ago etc…

[Solved] The associated metadata type for type object contains the following unknown properties or fields.

13 October 2016

I got the following error while running the application, later I found a solution for that. This is due the partial class properties are not found in the main class. I removed the column field’s likesCount and OutputHtml from the table and updating the model using entity framework. But I haven’t removed the properties from the partial class.