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Group by with Where clause in Linq c#

24 August 2016

This following example Query will clear how to filter records using where clause and group by from a set of records.

Reverse int c# Linq?

6 June 2016

In this example I will show you how to reverse the order of the array element using c# Linq. I stored list of numbers in an integer array in a variable. I need to include namespace System.Linq and used reverse extension method. The result will be element of arrays in the opposite direction.

Grouping and sorting using linq in C#?

3 June 2016

Linq is very easy to read and simplifies the code. In this example we will learn about grouping and sorting using linq. Here we are filtering and Listing the group of words by string length from a string array.

How to create xml file using linq in C#?

2 June 2016

In this example I will show you how to create xml document using Linq .In order to extract data from a database and create an xml document we need to include the namespace using System.Xml.Linq.

How to find count of records using linq in

20 April 2016

In this article I will explain how to calculate the count of the records using Linq in This helped me when I was to show the name when the count is greater than zero.

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