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Delayed object-deferred.state()

4 October 2018

The deferred.state() method returns a string representing the current state of the Deferred object. A Deferred object can be in one of three states:

Delayed object-deferred.notifyWith(context,[args])

4 October 2018

Remove the spaces at the beginning and end of the string. When deferred.notifyWith, any doneCallbacks added progressCallbacks , deferred.then or is called.

Delayed object-deferred.notify(args)

4 October 2018

Calling an ongoing callback on a deferred object of a given args (progressCallbacks). Normally, only one deferred creator should call this method.

Delayed object-deferred.promise([type],[target])

4 October 2018

Returns a Promise object used to observe when all actions of a certain type are bound to the collection, whether they are queued or not.

Delayed object-deferred.resolve(args)

4 October 2018

Resolve the deferred object and call any completed callback function based on the given parameters.

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