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How to convert http to https Godaddy?

15 November 2018

In this tutorial I will show you how to redirect http to https in Godaddy Plesk/Windows. If you added SSL secure certificated to your website. You need to redirect the visitors from http version to the secured version (HTTPS) to ensure their information is secured.

WWW Guide - World Wide Web

17 January 2018

WWW - World Wide Web Consortium. The WWW is commonly referred to as the network. The web is a computer network around the world.

E-commerce website host

17 January 2018

If your company is selling a certain product or service, then e-commerce may be a good way to do business.

Web Hosting Types

17 January 2018

The types of website hosting are: free host, virtual (shared) host or exclusive host. Some service providers provide free web hosting. Free hosting for small low-traffic sites, such as personal websites.

Website database

17 January 2018

MS SQL Server or Oracle for high traffic database driven website. MySQL for low-cost database access. MS Access for low traffic sites.

Web Hosting Technology

17 January 2018

This section describes some of the most commonly used host technologies. The Windows host is a host service that runs on the Windows operating system.

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