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WWW Guide - World Wide Web

WWW Guide - World Wide Web, someone asked me to explain?

WWW Guide - World Wide Web

WWW - World Wide Web Consortium

The WWW is commonly referred to as the network.

The web is a computer network around the world.

Computers communicate using standard language on the Web.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed the Web standards

What is WWW?

  • WWW on behalf of the World Wide Web (World Wide Web)
  • Often referred to as the World Wide Web network
  • The network is a computer network all over the world
  • All computers in the network can communicate with each other
  • All computers use HTTP communication standards

How does the World Wide Web work?

  • The information storage file is called a web page
  • Web pages are stored on the web server.
  • The computer that reads the web is called a web client
  • The program that the web client views the webpage is called a web browser
  • Popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

How to get web browser?

  • A web browser fetches the web page data from the server on request
  • The standard HTTP request contains a web address
  • Web address example:

How does the browser display the page?

  • All pages contain instructions on how to display them
  • The browser has read these instructions to display the page.
  • The most common display commands are called HTML tags
  • The paragraph in the HTML tag is: <p>
  • In HTML, a paragraph is defined like this: <p> This is a paragraph . </ p>

Who is doing Web standards?

  • Web standards are not what Google or Microsoft are doing
  • The agency that made the Web rules is the W3C
  • W3C represents the World Wide Web Consortium
  • W3C web standards.
  • The most important Web standards are HTML, CSS and XML

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