What is TempData and how to use in MVC ?

What is TempData and how to use in MVC ?, someone asked me to explain?

In this Article, I describe what is TempData and how to use TempData in mvc. TempData is helpful to access or pass a data from one controller to another or one action to another. Here I demonstrate how to pass a value from one action to another. 

Index is a name of one action method and Index1 is another. Here I pass a value from Index method to Index1 using TempData.




TempData["Success"]= "Welcome to Infinetsoft";


public ActionResult Index()


            TempData["Success"] = "Welcome you to";

            return RedirectToAction("Index1");         


public ActionResult Index1()


            string str = TempData["Success"].ToString();          

            return View();


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