Website Construction Guide

Create a design in web

Create a design in web, someone asked me to explain?

Web create a design

Designing a website requires serious thought and planning.

The most important thing is to know your visiting user.

The user is the viewer

A typical visitor will not be able to read the entire contents of your web page!

No matter how useful information you've posted on a web page, a visitor just takes a few seconds to browse before deciding whether to continue reading.

Make sure to make your point of view the first sentence on the page! In addition, you'll also need to use short passages and interesting titles throughout the page.

less is more

Keep the passage as short as possible.

Keep the chapters as short as possible.

Long text page is not conducive to user experience.

If you have a lot of pages, you break the page into smaller modules and place them on different pages!


Use a consistent navigation structure across all pages of your website.

Do not use hyperlinks in text passages, hyperlinks will take visitors to other pages, doing so will undermine the navigation structure.

If you have to use hyperlinks, you can add links to the bottom of a paragraph or menu.

Loading speed

Sometimes developers do not know that some pages take a long time to load.

According to statistics, most users will stay in the loading time of not more than 7 seconds of the page.

Test your web page to open in a slow modem. If your web pages take a long time to load, consider deleting images or multimedia content.

customer feedback

Feedback is a very good thing!

Your visitor is your "client." They usually give your website great suggestions for improvement.

If you provide good feedback, you will get feedback from many people from different fields.

Visitor's display

Not everyone's display size is the same on the Internet.

If you design a website that is displayed on a high-resolution monitor, problems may arise when your resolution is low on a display such as 800x600.

Please test your site on a different monitor.

Check out our monitors understand the development trend of the display.

What browser do they use?

Please test your website in different browsers.

Currently the most popular browsers are: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

When designing web pages, it is wise to use the correct HTML. The correct encoding will help the browser display your web page correctly.

Plug-ins used by the client

Sound, video clips, or other multimedia content may need to be played using a separate program (plug-in).

Make sure your visitors can use the software they need on your web page.

About disabled people?

Some people have impaired vision or hearing.

<p>Keep the Web page as short as possible.</p>

We may try to browse your web pages using Braille or a speech browser. So you should add alternative texts for images and graphic elements on your web page.

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