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E-commerce website host

E-commerce website host, someone asked me to explain?

E-commerce website host

If your company is selling a certain product or service, then e-commerce may be a good way to do business.


E-commerce is the sale of products or services on the Internet.

E-commerce system

For smaller companies, setting up an e-commerce system yourself is not an ideal approach. Building a set of e-commerce systems is a complex process where many potential errors can arise.

You can buy a ready-made system that runs on your own server. There are many systems on the market today, most of which meet your basic needs, such as order management and processing. But also point out that if you are not familiar with the site's host, it is best not to immediately start running e-commerce sites.

The best solution, in our opinion, is to choose a hosting provider that offers e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce hosting provider

E-commerce can cover a wide range of products. With different providers, you can choose from simple to very complex solutions.

Most providers offer simple, inexpensive solutions that let you run your own "virtual store."

Your checklist

  • How to deal with customer information?
  • How to deal with product catalog?
  • How to deal with orders?
  • How to deal with inventory?
  • How to deal with delayed delivery?
  • How to deal with freight?
  • How to deal with the account?
  • How to deal with payment?
  • How to deal with foreign currency?
  • How to deal with credit card?
  • How to deal with taxation?
  • How to solve the security problem?
  • How to solve the integrity problem (encryption technology)?

Also check if these fairly time-consuming tasks are done automatically. Such as automatically open documents, invoice processing, accounting and report generation.

Tax issues

For online shops, taxes are a complex issue, especially for value added tax.

If you sell something online, you are likely to have an export business.

In the case of export goods, your customers often have to pay VAT when picking up their goods.

In addition, your online shop tax often depends on your sales financial statements.

Open shop, be sure to consult the tax consultant.

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