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Website Domain

Website Domain, someone asked me to explain?

Website domain

Domain name is the only name of the website.

Hosting solutions should include domain name registration.

Domain names should be easy to remember, easy to write.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the unique name of the site, such as .

Domain is the need to register. When a domain name is registered, it is added to the large domain name registrar, along with information about your site - including the IP information that is stored on the DNS server.

DNS refers to the Domain Name System. The DNS server is responsible for informing other computers on the internet about your domain name and address.

Domain name registration

You can register your domain name with a domain name registration company.

These companies all provide interfaces for querying available domain names and providing domain name suffixes that can be registered simultaneously.

Choose a domain name

For any individual or organization, choosing a domain name is a very important step.

While domain names are heavily registered, new domain name suffixes and creative ideas can still provide thousands of great options.

When choosing a domain name, it is important to consider the purpose of the domain name, which makes it easier for you to find your site.

Excellent domain name has the following characteristics:

Short - people do not like typing! The shorter the domain name is, the easier it is to be accessed, and the less likely the user is to make a typo.

Meaningful - short names without meaning are not good. only 8 characters long, but not easy to import nor easy to remember. So, please choose your website is easy to understand and understand it.

Clearness - Clearness is also important when choosing domain names. Avoid choosing domain names that are hard to spell or pronounce. Also note that the domain name you choose sounds snappy and can be quickly exchanged over the phone.

Exposures - Just as high-end real estate projects receive a high level of exposure, short and easy-to-remember domain names are also assets. In addition to visitors using your domain name, you should also consider the search engine. Search engines index and rate your site through the way people search for items online. To maximize your site's exposure, you can include relevant search terms in your domain name. Of course, the premise remains that the domain you choose should be short, clear, and meaningful.

Subdomain name

Most people do not realize it, but they do use subdomains every day. The most common "www" is actually a typical subdomain. Subdomains can be in DNS

Server, and does not need to register through a domain name registration authority. Of course, before creating a subdomain, you still need to register the original domain name first. You can see many examples of subdomains on the internet: and

You can request your web host provider to create a subdomain, or you can manage it by managing your DNS server.

False domain name - directory listing

Some providers may provide you with a unique name under their domain name:

This is not a real domain name, but a directory - you should try to avoid such a situation.

Such a URL is not worth it, especially for the company. So let's avoid using it if you can pay for the domain name. The typical use of this URL is used by ISP for personal websites or free websites, in fact, is to share an independent domain name way, to provide users with their own address.

The complete competition between domain name registries has greatly reduced the registration fee for domain names, and the way that all such domain names are shared is less and less common because people can register their own domain name for just $ 15.

Expired domain name

Another source of domain name registration is an expired domain name. When you sign up for a domain name, assuming there is no legal or trademark dispute, you are free to use as long as you pay for it (you can pay 10 years in advance). Some people use domain names for speculation, hoping they can be sold later, while others have planned to use a domain name without doing so. As a result, domain names that have been registered before will periodically become registrable. You can check the expired domain name from this site, if you want to register, you need to pay the fee and register a new domain name is the same.

Use your domain name

After you have chosen - and registered - your own domain name, be sure to use it on all your web pages, as well as on all correspondence, such as email and traditional mail.

It is important for others to know your domain name, tell your partners and customers about your domain name.

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