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Website hosting tutorial

Website hosting tutorial, someone asked me to explain?

Website host tutorial

If you want to publish your site to the world, then your site needs to be placed on a web server.

In this tutorial, you will learn: What is a web host, and what services a web host offers.

Web Hosting Introduction

How does the Internet work? How to make your own website?

What is a web host? What is an Internet service provider (ISP)?

What is World Wide Web?

  •         Web is a computer network all over the world.
  •         All computers in the network can communicate with each other.
  •         All computers use a standard called HTTP.

WWW how to work?

  •         Web information is stored in a document called a web page.
  •         Web pages are files stored on a computer called a web server.
  •         Computers that read web pages can be referred to as web clients.
  •         The web client looks at the page through a program called a web browser.
  •         The major browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox.

How to read the web browser?

  •         The browser can read the page from the web server through a request.
  •         The request is a standard HTTP request that contains the page address.
  •         Web address example:

How does the browser display web pages?

  •         All pages contain instructions for display.
  •         The browser reads the instructions to display the page.
  •         The most commonly used display instruction is an HTML tag.
  •         HTML tag format: <p> This is a paragraph. </ p>.

What is a web server?

  •         The collection of all your pages is called a website.
  •         To get people to see your page, you have to publish the site.
  •         You have to copy the website to a web server in order to complete the publication of the website.
  •         If your PC is connected to the internet, you can think of it as a web server.
  •         In most cases, the web host provided by the ISP is used.

What is ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

  •         ISP refers to Internet service providers.
  •         ISP can provide Internet service.
  •         The most common Internet service is the web host.
  •         Website hosting service can put your website on a public server.
  •         Website hosting services usually include a domain name registration service.

to sum up

If you want others to see your site, you must copy the site to a public server. Even if you can use your own PC as a web server, the most common practice is to store your website through an ISP.

Also included in web hosting solutions is domain registration and standard email services.

You can read more about domain registration, email, and other services in the following sections.

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