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Website database

Website database, someone asked me to explain?

Website database

MS SQL Server or Oracle for high traffic database driven website.

MySQL for low-cost database access.

MS Access for low traffic sites.

Website database

If your site needs to update large amounts of information via the web, you need a database to store the information.

There are many types of database systems available for website hosting. The most common are MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Use the SQL language

SQL is a language used to access the database.

If you want your site to be able to store or retrieve data in the database, your web server will need access to the database system using the SQL language.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular database software for high-traffic database-driven Web sites.

SQL Server is a very powerful, robust and feature-rich SQL database system.


Oracle is also a very popular database software for high-traffic database-driven websites.

Oracle is also a very powerful, robust and feature rich SQL database system.


MySQL is also a popular website database software.

MySQL is a very powerful and complete SQL database system.

MySQL is a cheap alternative to expensive Microsoft and Oracle solutions.


If the site needs a simple database solution, Microsoft's Access should be a popular option.

Access is not suitable for high-traffic websites, and is not as powerful as Oracle or SQL Server.

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