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Host e-mail access

Host e-mail access, someone asked me to explain?

Host e-mail access

Hosting services should include some email accounts and email servers.

E-mail account

Hosting solutions should have the ability to provide an email account for everyone in the company.

E-mail address format is as follows:

POP E-mail

POP refers to the post office protocol. POP is a standard client / server protocol for sending and receiving e-mail.

E-mail is received and saved to your internet server until you receive mail through a client segment mail program (such as Outlook and Foxmail).

IMAP Email

IMAP refers to the Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is another standard protocol for sending and receiving e-mail.

IMAP provides some improvements on the basis of POP, that e-mail stored on the IMAP server can be processed by multiple computers without the need to transfer messages back and forth between computers. POP is designed to support email access on a single computer.

Web based email

Web-based e-mail allows us to access e-mail through a web browser. You can send and receive e-mail after logging in to your e-mail account through the web. Being able to access e-mail from anywhere in the world is fascinating.

Typical examples of web-based e-mail are: Gmail and Hotmail .

Mail forwarding

Email forwarding allows us to have multiple mail names.

By email forwarding, you can set an alias for other mail accounts:


You can forward mail to to

Forward mail to to

Mailing Lists

Some mailing lists are provided on some servers. This is a valuable feature if you want to send mail to a large number of users.

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