[solved] 401. That’s an error.Error: invalid_client no registered origin

[solved] 401. That’s an error.Error: invalid_client no registered origin, someone asked me to explain?

When I was trying to run the application I had faced this problem. It was resolved by setting authorize redirect URLs in a proper manner. 

invalid_client no registered origin


  • Go to google cloud platform , from the sidebar, click API Manager and select Credentials and then select OAuth consent screen.
  • You need to add new client id for web application.
  • Create Credentials à OAuth client IDà web Application (I choosed). In the Authorize Javascript orgins field, we need to enter the production URL or Local sever path. It also allows multiple URLs to allow for your application and click create button.
Solution: While entering the URL path Inthe Authorize Javascript Orgins just add the exact URL as.
Do not give the path like this http://localhost:8228/projectpathit will throw the above error (invalid_client no registered origin).

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