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Override method in c#

6 September 2016

In this article, I will show you how to override ToString() method in c# .net with example. You can overwrite a method of any class using a keyword “override”.

Explain generics in c# example

6 September 2016

Generics allow us to design classes and methods decoupled from data types. Generic classes available in System. Collections. Generic namespace.

Ftp error 530 User cannot Log in

4 September 2016

I want to download files from an FTP server using c#. When I tried to connect FTP server I got the following error FTP error: 530 User cannot Log in.

Convert LINQ Query results to List Object

1 September 2016

You can convert the entity object to list Object by looping the LINQ Query results and adding the object to the list.

after ajax load AddThis is not working

19 August 2016

Addthis is not working when I load dynamic content on button click. It was resolved by adding the script on page Load.

How to overwite the properties in partial class using

9 August 2016

We can use metadata to add functionality to entities by adding properties in a metadata class with attributes that we can affect the behavior of entities implemented with partial class called metadata classes.

How to get websites favicon in mvc

27 July 2016

You can use HTML agility pack or XmlDocument and get favicon. The following code will bring the path of website’s icon.