Computer boot crash (hard disk, keyboard, graphics card, etc.)

Computer boot crash (hard disk, keyboard, graphics card, etc.), someone asked me to explain?

Computer boot crash

When the computer is turned on, it is usually caused by hardware. In other words, in the first case, you should find the reason from the hardware. The computer has several main components. How do you know that the computer is booting caused by that component? There are also two methods to judge this. One is to check what has been done recently, and the other is to judge according to the different responses of different components.

  Most computer failures are caused by recent improper operations, so first check the recent operation and you can easily find out the cause of the problem. This is a very good way to solve the problem, not only for computer failures, but also for other problems.

  First, the computer caused the hard drive to crash

  1. If the hard disk partition table is damaged, the boot failure will be triggered when the boot fails to pass the hard disk. It is often a boot, the screen displays the computer hardware information (English), and stops when the hard disk is displayed.

  2. The hardware interface, the hard disk data cable interface, and the hard disk interface on the motherboard have problems, resulting in poor contact (often loose), and may cause the computer to crash when it is turned on.

  Second, the keyboard caused by the computer boot crash

  The keyboard is mostly ps/2 interface, the computer takes a long time, and the ps/2 interface on the host is easy to break. This interface is broken. If you press the keyboard when you turn it on, it will cause the computer to freeze.

  The ps/2 interface is broken. When you press the keyboard, it usually makes a squeaking sound. Not every time the button is pressed, it may sometimes be emitted sometimes.

  Third, the computer caused the computer boot crash

  1. If the graphics card driver is not installed correctly, or the new system does not support the old version of the graphics card driver, it may cause a crash.

  2, the graphics card is not compatible with the motherboard, that is, the motherboard does not support the graphics card (this mainly depends on whether the motherboard's graphics card slot type is consistent with the graphics card interface type), it will also cause the computer to crash when booted.

  3, the graphics card interface (Golden Finger) or the graphics card slot on the motherboard is broken, it will also lead to crashes. Try changing the graphics card to a slot. If there is a problem, plug the graphics card into another computer and check if the graphics card is broken.

  Fourth, the memory caused by the computer boot crash

  1. The graphics card is not compatible with the motherboard. This mainly depends on whether the interface type of the memory is the same as the type of the memory slot on the motherboard. If the two are DDR3, they are the same type.

  2. If it is turned on, the motherboard will emit a short beep for a long time, and it may crash, which may be caused by a broken memory. If there are more than two memories, leave only one to see if there is still a problem, or plug the memory into another computer to test.

  When the memory is loose, the motherboard will make a long beeping sound; in this case, simply unplug the memory and fix it.

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