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Ftp error 530 User cannot Log in

Ftp error 530 User cannot Log in , someone asked me to explain?

I want to download files from an FTP server using asp.net c#. When I tried to connect FTP server I got the following error FTP error: 530 User cannot Log in.

FTP error 530 User cannot Log in

The FTP client sends the DNS query for a domain name to get FTP server using ftp.domain.com. If the server sends a response 220 means that is ready to accept login.But I got response 530 user cannot log in due to wrong password.


Check has given proper domain name or not.

//FTP Server URL.
string ftp = "ftp://domain.com/"; //ftp:websitedaomain.com

Give the proper username and password.

//Enter FTP Server credentials.
request.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("username", "password");


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