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Notifyicon c# example

Notifyicon c# example , someone asked me to explain?

A notifyicon is used to notify users at the bottom right corner of Windows screen. In order to create Notification application should use namespace System.Windows.Forms and we get NotifyIcon instance.


public Form1()
            string imgpath = Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, @"images\infi.ico");

        private void Notifyicon(string path) {
           NotifyIcon trayIcon = new NotifyIcon();
           trayIcon.Icon = new Icon(path);
           trayIcon.Text = "Newmessage";
           trayIcon.Visible = true;
           trayIcon.ShowBalloonTip(2000, "Information", "A new message received!", ToolTipIcon.Info);


Notifyicon Csharp example

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