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How to get datetime in sql query?

18 February 2016

If you run following script in this SQL Command. Itwill give you same results and no performance difference. It will return the current server time.

How to generate a row of every 15 minutes of the start time and end time?

18 February 2016

I have the specified start date time and end date time i.e (end date time is end of sequence), I add a time interval (this can vary) to the start date time in minutes and this gives me the end date time. we can set time interval 15minutes (60 sec*15 min=900sec).

How to delete duplicate rows in sql?

17 February 2016

Here I am using CTE(Common Table Expression) for Delete duplicate rows. PARTITION BY : It devides the query result into partitions Row_NUMBER : gives unique name for all duplicate rows ie., if one row record repeated for 3 times . it gives the index such as 1,2 and 3 Using this query we can delete all duplicate rows in a table

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