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How to use RedirectToAction in MVC?

29 March 2016

In this Article, I explain how to use RedirectToAction in mvc. Why we use RedirectToAction?. For using RedirectToAction function we have to redirect your controller from one to another with different type of views.

What is Routing in mvc?

29 March 2016

Routing is nothing but simply your mvc url. What mean is that simply your url. for example some developers using some kinds of prefix name cls with class name and also given method name as their own idea.

How to open and close a popup in mvc using Jquery?

22 March 2016

In this article, I describe how to open popup in mvc using jquery. Here I am using jquery-ui.js and jquery-ui.css. Here I demonstrate with adding sales items. please refer these below link to add js and css file .

How to upload a file in mvc?

22 March 2016

In this article, I describe how to upload a file in mvc. Here I am using normal html input statement to upload a file, in this input control use type as file and use form post method in html beginform.

How to find T4 Template file path in MVC?

17 March 2016

In this articles describes how to find t4 template file path in MVC. Here I found some solution to find the location of t4 template(in build views). In my system I have used visual studio 2012, this location depends upon the visual studio versions