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Delete file from the server using c#

25 July 2016

You should make sure that the file path passing to delete from the server in c#. This following code is to delete the record from database and also from the folder path of the server.

Assign values to enum and how to get value from enum?

11 July 2016

You can assign any values to the element of enumeration List. In this example, I will show to how to assign values and datatype and get integer value from enum.

Get you domain name from URL

9 July 2016

It can be achieved by two methods, getting the domain hosted name using URL request Request.Url.Host and another by Uri.

Xml dropdownlist bind in

22 June 2016

In this example, I will show you to bind dropdownlist with an xml file using ReadXml() method. In order to read data from cities.xml file into a dataset from the specified path using Server.MapPath.

C sharp partial class

20 June 2016

When working with large projects, partial class splits the class for multiple programmers to work on it at the same time.

How to check all rows in a gridview in

1 June 2016

In this article we will discuss how to check all rows in a gridview in using javascript. When user clicks on the header checkbox it call a javascript function on that we are written logic about checkall/uncheckall for a gridview.

How to create autocomplete textbox with database in c#?

31 May 2016

In this article we will discuss to create autocomplete textbox using webmethod in c# application. It provides suggestion in a dropdown menu while the user enters text into the field. Please change the database connection string to connect your database.