JQuery sortable example using dropzone.js

JQuery sortable example using dropzone.js, someone asked me to explain?

We cannot not sort the image in dropzone area using Dropzone Js.So we can use jQuery ui plugin to achieve this. And also, I will show you how to highlight the dropzone area using the CSS. The jQuery ui allows the user to sort the image using JQuery sortable using the placeholder css property.

You can learn more detail about Dropzone js fileupload plugin with an example here.

JS Code:

<script type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready(function () {
        Dropzone.autoDiscover = false;

function (event, ui) {

                ui.placeholder.css({visibility: 'visible', border: '1px solid#337ab7' });



            url: "GenericHandler.ashx",
            maxFiles: 5,
            addRemoveLinks: true,
            success: function (file, response) {
                var imgName = response;
            error: function (file, response) {
    }); </script>

drag and drop image jquery

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