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How to remove all Meta keyword tags? -Jpeg Metadata Adapter

How to remove all Meta keyword tags? -Jpeg Metadata Adapter, someone asked me to explain?

I am using jpeg metadata utility in c#. I want to remove the old keyword tags and add new tags. When I used metaAdapter.Metadata.Keywords.Add(“”) it overwrites with existing keywords. But I want to clear the existing keywords. Finally I used clear function () before adding keyword.




JpegMetadataAdapter metaAdapter = new JpegMetadataAdapter(filePath);

metaAdapter.Metadata.Title = "Bus picture";

metaAdapter.Metadata.Subject = "New modern bus";



bool saved = metaAdapter.Save();


More details at https://github.com/mwijnands/JpegMetadata.

Note: This nuget package is available in NuGet.

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