ng-app angularJS with example

ng-app angularJS with example, someone asked me to explain?

ng-app is a directive in AngularJs. Many of angularJs directives available in go through this site and select API Reference from Develop menu. The Ng - app is a starting point of your anglers application. Angular framework will check first ng-app directive in your application. If ng-app directive found then bootstrap will start from the section of the page. 


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <div ng-app>
        {{ "Welcome " + "to" +  "AngularJs" }}
        {{ "Welcome " + "to" +  "AngularJs" }}


Double curly braces represent binding expression of angularjs. Here binding expression is three strings. These three strings concadinates with the help of angularjs binding expression.


Here the first data binding expression only evaluvated because of ng-app present in first div , so the second div data binding expression will not be evaluvated.


ng-app angularJS

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