How to create an object in JavaScript?

How to create an object in JavaScript?, someone asked me to explain?

In this article we will discuss, how to create an object using JavaScript. We can create a custom class and then create an instance of a class. In JavaScript we don’t have class instead of that we can use functions.


<h2>Creating an object in JavaScriptusing constructor function 


<script type="text/javascript">

    var firstName = prompt("Please enter first Name", "");

    var lastName = prompt("Please enter a second Name", "");


    var employee = new Employee(firstName, lastName);


    function Employee(firstName, lastName) {

        this.firstName = firstName;

        this.lastName = lastName;


        this.getFullName = function () {

            return this.firstName + "" + this.lastName;



    document.write("FirstName = " + employee.firstName + "<br/>");

   document.write("LastName= " +employee.lastName + "<br/>");

   document.write("FullName= " +employee.getFullName() + "<br/>");


first input for creating object in javascript

second input for creating object in javascript



Creating an object in JavaScript using constructor function

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