How to find a client’s browser name?

How to find a client’s browser name?, someone asked me to explain?

how do i know what browser i am using

In this article I will show you how can you find a client’s browser name. You can detect the browser using the JavaScript properties navigation.appName and navigation.UserAgent. The userAgent property is suitable than the navigation.appName, because some types of browser internet browser may return the value “Netscape”.  So you can check web browser using the following code.

    <script type="text/javascript"> 

        if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome") != -1){
        else if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera") ||navigator.userAgent.indexOf('OPR')) != -1) {
        else if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Safari") != -1){
        else if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox") != -1){
        else if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE") != -1)|| (!!document.documentMode == true)) //If above IE 10
            alert('Internet Explorer');
        else {
            alert('unknown browser');
        }      </script>

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