How to return an ActionResult string in MVC?

How to return an ActionResult string in MVC?, someone asked me to explain?

In this article, I will show to how to return a string result using ActionResult in mvc 4. You can achieve this by ContentResult to return a string. It will create content result object by using a string.

Controller Action Method:


public ActionResult GetHtmlPage(string path)


          string strHTML = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(Server.MapPath(path));
          return  Content(strHTML);



<div class="panel" >

            @Html.Action("GetHtmlPage", "LoadHtml", new { path = "~/practice/dialog.html" })


I created an html file and named as dialog.html and going to return as string result using ActionResult for html page in MVC.


    <div id="dialog">
        <header>A dialog box of some description</header>
        Lorem ipsum etc, etc.
    </div> </body>



ContentResult Controller Action Method

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