Redirect to external URL from controller MVC

Redirect to external URL from controller MVC, someone asked me to explain?

mvc redirect to url

You can redirect to an external URL by using Redirect Method() or via Json Result. MVC redirect to URL:
You can do URL redirect in mvc via Controller’s Redirect() method. The following example, I have given redirection to google page.

public ActionResult Index()
            return Redirect("");

JQuery ajax redirect: 

You cannot perform server side redirect from jQuery Ajax response.So that you should return JsonResult with a new URL and perform response redirect with JavaScript’s window.location property.

<script type="text/javascript">
        $.post("@Url.Action("Redirect")", function (data) {
            window.location = data.url;

public ActionResult Redirect()
            // ...
           return Json(new { url = "" });

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