Token based form authentication and cookies in mvc

Token based form authentication and cookies in mvc, someone asked me to explain?

The user logs in to the website account; you can encrypt and store cookie in client browser using token based authentication. The custom authentication provider allows to pass parameters such as multiple user roles separated by comma (additional user data), issue date, expiry date, is persisting or not and cookie path.

string userData = "A,V"; //string.Join("|",GetCustomUserRoles());
FormsAuthenticationTicketticket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket(
                          1,                                     // ticket version
                         login.First().Name,                              // authenticated username
                          DateTime.Now,                          // issueDate
                          DateTime.Now.AddDays(28),           //expiryDate
                          true,                          // true to persist across browser sessions
                          userData,                              // can be used to store additional user data
                          FormsAuthentication.FormsCookiePath);  // thepath for the cookie

 // Encrypt the ticket using the machine key
    string encryptedTicket = FormsAuthentication.Encrypt(ticket);
 // Add the cookie to the request to save it
    HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie(FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName, encryptedTicket);
    cookie.HttpOnly = true;     Response.Cookies.Add(cookie);

asp net web application authentication and cookies

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