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CSS3 creates an animation that slides in and out

Sometimes we need to put a customer help form on the sidebar of the website. Start by putting a button there, and then slide out the content after clicking. Generally, we will use js to control this effect.

CSS3 Animation Properties-Animation

Have already learned a css3 in Transition ( css3 animation attributes), the Transform (css3 deformation properties). Today to learn another css3 animation property animation , is this similar to our animate in jQuery ?

Win7 time synchronization setting method

When the win7 system has a problem (time is maliciously hacked by the virus), the time is abnormal. After solving the problem, you need to set the system time to synchronize with the Internet time server to ensure that the time is not skewed

Js gets the current domain name, Url, relative path and parameters

Javascript can be used to obtain the current domain name, Url, relative path and parameters separately. The so-called separate attack, that is, the domain name does not include the path and parameters of the web page file, the parameters do not include the domain name and the web file path, which are respectively introduced below.

How to view the iis version?

Different versions of the Windows operating system, IIS version is also different (the operating system version is increased, IIS version is also increased), how to view their own IIS version?