SEO-How to create original article tutorial to improve the probability of inclusion

SEO-How to create original article tutorial to improve the probability of inclusion, someone asked me to explain?

How to create original  article tutorial to improve the probability  of inclusion?

Original? What is originality? Just as a person’s identity card exists in the world, it is unique and there is no repetition. The same is true of original articles, the only ones on the Internet, there is no repetition. So, as SEO Analyst, how should we originalize the article?

First of all, good original articles are sure to have good titles, headline original methods:

1, according to their usual experience, think about their own sentences or content in the search engine will be filled with their own actual situation, to write; For example: What is SEO?

2. Check the keywords of peer websites, analyze them, and find keywords that are suitable for themselves and have a certain degree of heat. Insert them in the title, and clearly sort the main keywords and sub-keywords and group them together; for example: The main keyword is "SEO", the second keyword is "original article", and "SEO original article" is combined.

3, understand the needs of users, observe some forums, paste it, Q & A and other exchange platforms, to understand what users usually like to search? What are you concerned about? For example: How do SEO original articles? How to write SEO original articles?

4, in the process of thinking, it is best to search google, 360, Sogou search engine to see a result of the same title or related content with you how much, if more, it is recommended that you still change a title, which will benefit google Faster inclusion of your articles

Second, good original articles are more than just titles. Original content is equally important. Content original methods:

1. When writing an article, pay attention to increase the density of the main keyword “SEO original article” in the first 100 words of the article! It takes 2 to 3 times within these 100 words.

2, study the user's psychology, just like writing a title, you can look at the user's needs, the user clicks on this article want to see what content, want to know what content.

3, Content part of the text, to be able to search for the "SEO original article" relevant information related keywords into it, which is the key to different common original, to make people in different related keywords can search the same Article.

4. The content of an original article is actually the content of what you want to think and what you want to express; for example, in an original SEO article, write your own thoughts. The vulgar point is to write a post-view feeling.

Finally, the end is also the key to spider crawling. The end method is:

The key words must appear within 200 words at the end. Remember. There are good original beginnings and good original endings. Successful seo formula = persistence + original content + high quality chain

Originality is the so-called tool that you use to think about yourself and then write it down in words. This is originality. After reading it, did you think that originality was just so simple. The general meaning was to write your own articles.

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