SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization, someone asked me to explain?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever used a search engine? Do you know the main search engines?

This article lists the current list of popular search engines.

SEO-Search engine optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of raising the rank (visibility) of a website in a search engine. If the site can have a good ranking in the search engine, help the site to get more traffic.

SEO main search engine is the working principle, what people search, enter what search keywords). Optimizing a website may involve editing content and increasing keyword relevance. Promoting a Website that Can Increase the Number of Foreign Chains in 

a Website Search Engine Optimization needs to modify the HTML source and website content of a website. Search engine optimization strategies should incorporate the development of the website prior to its construction, especially the menu and navigation structure of the site.

Generally speaking, all use cheat means or suspicious means, can be called black hat SEO. For example, junk links, hidden web pages, bridge pages, keyword stuffing and so on.

Hat seo is the meaning of cheating, black hat SEO practices do not meet the requirements of the mainstream search engine issue guidelines. Black Hat SEO profitability is the main characteristic of short and flat, for the short term benefits and cheating methods used. At the same time because of changes in search engine algorithms face penalties.

Either white hat or black hat seo no precise definition. In general, all use cheats or some suspicious means can be called black hat SEO. For example, hidden pages, keyword stuffing, junk links, bridge pages and so on.

Submit website to search engine

At present, most search engines provide the submission junctions of websites, and we can submit the websites through the portal provided by them so that the search engines can crawl the data of websites in time.


You only need to submit your home page to search engines, and search engines find other pages based on links to your site's pages.

You can also add descriptions and keywords to your pages, but do not expect them to affect your site's rankings.

The search engine index is updated regularly. If your site is modified or the page has been deleted, search engines regularly modify and clean up.

Not all links will appear in the search engine.

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