Rules for crawling page in Baidu search engine

Rules for crawling page in Baidu search engine, someone asked me to explain?

Baidu Search Enginee rules

Each search result displayed by a search engine for users corresponding to a page on the Internet. This page generates that need to crawl, filter, index and output the results, which means that the page has been received.

The input keywords in Baidu give the search results process, often only a few Milliseconds to complete. How does Baidu showcase your website content to users in such a vast amount of Internet resources at a rapid pace? What kind of workflow and logic is behind this? In fact, Baidu's search engine work is not just like a homepage. The search box is as simple as that. 

Each search result displayed by the search engine for the user corresponds to a page on the Internet.Each search result is presented to the user from generation to rendering by the search engine. It requires four processes: crawling, filtering, indexing, and outputting results. 


Baidu Spider will use the calculations of the search engine system to determine which sites to crawl, as well as the content and frequency of crawls. The calculation process of the search engine will refer to the performance of your website in history, such as whether the content is sufficiently high quality, whether there are settings that are not user-friendly, whether there is excessive search engine optimization behavior, and so on. 

When your site generates new content, Baiduspider will access and crawl it through a link on the Internet pointing to the page. If you do not set any external links to the new content on the site, Baiduspider cannot catch it. Taken. For the content that has been crawled, the search engine records the crawled pages and arranges different frequency of crawling and updating work according to the importance of these pages. 

What you need to pay attention to is that there are some crawler software that will pretend to be Baiduspider to crawl your site for various purposes. This may be an uncontrolled crawling behavior and seriously affect the normal operation of the site. . 


Not all pages on the Internet are meaningful to users, such as some obvious deceptive users' web pages, dead links, blank content pages, etc. These web pages do not have enough value for users, webmasters and Baidu, so Baidu will automatically filter those contents to avoid unnecessary trouble for users and your website. 


Baidu marks and recognizes the content that is crawled one by one, and stores these tags as structured data, such as tag title, meta description, web links and descriptions, and crawl records. At the same time, the keyword information in the web page will also be identified and stored so as to match the content searched by the user. 

Output Results 

User input keywords, Baidu will conduct a series of complex analysis, and according to the analysis of the results in the index library to find a series of pages that best match, in accordance with the user input keywords reflected by the needs of strong and weak The scores are scored against the web page and ranked according to the final score and presented to the user. 

To sum up, if you want to bring a better experience for users through search engines, you need to build a strict content on the website to make it more suitable for users' browsing needs. What needs your attention is that one of the issues that always needs to be considered in the content construction of a website is whether it is of value to users.

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