New website to do good SEO optimization must-see

New website to do good SEO optimization must-see, someone asked me to explain?

New website to do SEO optimization must-see tutorial

Google's collection time for the new station is fast, and Baidu's collection is the slowest, which involves the search engine algorithm Now that it's a core secret, most webmasters can't explain clearly, and I can only guess why. 

First of all, let's look at the "sandbox" of search engines. The sandbox temporarily hides your site from the search engine and allows users to search for it. However, it does not mean that the search engine temporarily stored. Therefore, if a new webmaster encounters a snapshot and has an update, but cannot find it, it is not downgrading. He only enters the “sandbox” for a while, so don’t worry. 
I think Google’s inclusion is fast because it’s collecting sites first, putting them in “sandboxes,” and Baidu’s first putting new stations into “sandboxes” and including them again. 

How should the SEO of the new website operate? 

Step 1:

Find some keywords based on the content of your own website (preferably don't look for too hot keywords). Search in Baidu and Google. If all the results appear in the search results page, give up; if most of them are internal Page, this keyword can be used. 

step 2:

Find the top three sites, copy their titles, description, and organize them into their own, must be more excellent and more reasonable than the original layout. Then, make a link. 

step 3:

The new station basically has no outer chain and cannot be controlled. It can temporarily give up, but the inner chain can be controlled. The most important indicator for doing the inner chain is that there are no dead links and precise links between each link of the website. In this way, the search engine is even better. 

Step 4:

Do the meta optimization, page layout optimization, internal link optimization, etc., and use the optimization methods that you can think of. At the same time, ensure that the content of the website is updated and not too frequent or updateable. 

Step 5:

Proactively submit to the search engine portal and exchange the same type of friendship links. Optimizing the website is best to first build the station and then optimize, and finally promote. This is in line with the natural development of the website, and the wind direction of the “K” is also necessary. low.
Well, after a period of time when the search engine is updated, you will find that your web page is on the home page, but the search engine will continue to change according to the user's changes. When you learn other people's SEO technology, do not obey, first analyze whether it is suitable Yourself, whether it meets the user experience, and then make corresponding changes. 
Do not modify the site frequently. 
the new webmasters will often make frequent changes. If they find that the inclusion is not a force, they begin to change. This is a taboo! 
If the site is frequently modified, such as Title, description and frequent replacement of templates, Baidu will temporarily stop the snapshot update of your site. It may be a week, a month or even longer before it will recalculate the weight of the site and start again. Update the snapshot and adjust the ranking of search results. 

Final advice:

No one SEO company or individual can guarantee that a certain keyword must be able to do first, there are too many factors affecting keyword ranking, and search engine algorithms often change, so even if you do SEO may not necessarily have a good ranking.

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