How to improve website speed and Search Ranking?

How to improve website speed and Search Ranking?, someone asked me to explain?

website speed optimization for seo

To measure the load time of our website, we need a good website testing tools. My choice is a pingdom website tool i.e (website speed optimization), it will analyze the site and gives a report about the general performance(website performance analysis). We can get the best idea which will be very useful, through getting ideas about problematic areas and suggestions. The website website performance reports such as like page speed, byte size, breaks down, percentage of images, Javascript files,grades etc…

Upgrade to a Fastest server:

The reason for a website is slow is due to that the server hosting it on a slow server. We may lose our business because of website speed and the lacks of capacity of servers. So that we need to upgrade the account.

In case,If our site has many pages and frequently reads or writes the database and still we are using the shared account. We need to upgrade to the fastest server, from a shared account to VPS or a dedicated server. The budget for the VPS or dedicated sever may higher than t he shared account,but if our site is for making money, the problem with the website page load speed will kill our business.

SEO Optimization for code and images:

If our server might be fast, but still facing speed issues. We needed to optimize the codes and images for speed loading. If we do not fix them, we won’t get the speed improvements on site.

For images, To improve the speed we should compress the images or make it smaller size i.e (optimize images for web).

For CODE, we have tons of tricks to optimize the HTML, JavaScript, CSS and web programming languages etc.

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