SEO-Reasonable Updates Quickly Improve Website Ranking

SEO-Reasonable Updates Quickly Improve Website Ranking, someone asked me to explain?

SEO Reasonably Updates Websites to Quickly Improve Ranking

Anyone familiar with SEO in this industry knows that updating an article is an important part of website optimization. So why update the article? Is this work necessary? Can't update not? 
In fact, updating the article is just a general concept. The focus of this work is on the update. The specific update covers the content of the website, such as the operation of all changes to the website such as chain exchange, case updates, etc.

So why do you have to do this? What? 

Because only the site changes, will grab the content. Otherwise, the spider will come back and your website will not change. This will happen again. In the long run, the frequency of spiders crawling your website will be significantly reduced. Then your website. Will the rankings be good? Of course, this does not require you to update the article at all times. As long as you follow the rules to update the Enhu website and cultivate the google spider's crawling habits, you can! 

As for the setting of the rules, it is related to the actual situation of your website. For example, if your website is a new station, then the update frequency will be relatively large, so one is to enrich the content of the website as soon as possible, and the other is to cultivate google spiders. Crawling habits, and when your site is online for a period of time, after a certain amount of inclusion, you can moderate the update speed, but the update frequency must be regular. 

After talking about the frequency of so many article updates, isn't the content content arbitrary? Of course not? 
First of all, the content of the website update should be comprehensive and not to be updated like a deadbird. This one makes the content of the website rich, and the second is that the change of the entire website is also helpful to the promotion of the website. 

Secondly, the updated articles must be original, and the articles should be related to the content of the website. Not only this, but the article must also have some practical significance, especially the user experience, we must pay special attention.

In the end, the article should be broad in scope, not limited to only one aspect, and repeatedly written. This will not only lead to duplication between the article and other articles in the google database, but also may lead to duplication within the site. Imagine if you are a google spider and you are required to see the same every day.

Things, will you come to see? Of course not, but google's punishment for you is more than just that. If the internal repeat rate of your website is very high, it is very likely to cause the website to reduce its power. The specific manifestations are: weight loss, homepage position down, serious decline in ranking, ranking Decline and so on, which is why you regularly update the article and the website not only does not rise, but also causes it to decline. 

Let's talk about it today! If you are interested in this information, welcome to continue to pay attention to me!

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