What is Psychology? - Main goals of psychology?

What is Psychology? - Main goals of psychology?, someone asked me to explain?

types of psychology

Scientific study of behavioral and mind oriented processes.

Goals of psychology:

  • Describing the nature of behaviors?
  • Why does it occur?
  • Forecasting when and what circumstances it will occur?
  • What influences the behavior?

Varieties of psychologists:

Cognitive psychologists

Studying the way of human behavior and their world around them.

Physiological psychologists:

Analyzing the brain functions and its behavior.

Developmental psychologists:

Analyzing the individuals who grow and change through their life.

Social psychologists:

Analysing how individuals behaves on society and how other people in society are influenced by the individual under inspection

Industrial/ Organisation psychologists:

Analyzing humans and consulting them to get more efficient work which will result in the profit of organization

Forensic psychologists:

Analyzing behavioral issues in legal judicial systems.

Health psychologists:

They deal with the behavioral issues of human characters which degrade their heath.

Sports psychologists:

Study about the psychological factors and performance in sports, physical activities etc.


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